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In 2015  Brian Eno was invited to speak at the annual John Peel Lecture. I was in the car, driving a long and familiar highway between Sydney and Brisbane when I stumbled across this on Radio National, and Eno's ability to articulate the value of art rung with truth and simplicity. Art provides a safe space for the audience to experience an event through the eyes of another. "Safe" because if the experience is too visceral, we can close the book. Turn the screen off, or turn the sound down. But it's often the conversations which follow that are of the greatest value - the moments where we share our interpretation of an event, and hear how others have perceived it. In these conversations, there are no right and wrong answers, just listening, and turning our minds to understand someone else's perspective. 

There is a word for this, which has been used so often in the last few years. It's unfortunately become a buzz word, but something which would benefit us all were we to truly make it a part of our modus operandi: empathy. 

In 2016 we set out to create an independent, self funded series of events in Queensland, and quickly discovered that to achieve both autonomy and longevity, we would need to invest in commercial enterprises to fund our cultural and social projects. The following businesses are part of the Rue Arts business group:

The Australian Session Orchestra

Sanctuary String Quartet

Radu Cello Ensemble

211 Coffee

Right now, Rue Arts is events based, however we are working towards a physical space where we can invite you to have a coffee and experience art in all its forms, meet people and share ideas. If you'd like to watch our journey, feel free to sign up to our updates by sending us a message below. 

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