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This session gave us hope.

The people who came together to make this possible - Jordache from Mayne Line Gallery, an amazing artist and kindred spirit who opened the space to us. Julian Palma, who brought his time and gear to get a couple extra angles after a long week on other projects. Kristin and Helen... all I have to say is thank you for this gift.

Hope you can find some time over the weekend to take a load off and experience that Sunday afternoon with us.

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In a move harking back to 2005, we've made the decision to transition the Rue Arts website from a purely commercial site to a more personal one. There are many reasons for the decision. One is the increasing conviction that our reliance on social media has made us lazy and data obsessed. Instead of posting original thoughts, we tend to post whatever will get us the most likes. The content we post here will not be driven by likes, but by a desire to create the highest forms of art we are capable of.

The term "art" is almost redundant in the sense that it encompasses just about everything. Literally any activity we participate in can be elevated to an art form. There are the familiar art forms of music, writing, visual arts, dance, design. And then there are the less celebrated everyday arts which in which we engage as humans. The art of listening. The art of considering a matter, turning it over in our minds to see what insight might be gained from a different perspective. And the art of communicating, not to promote an agenda, but to search for truth with the knowledge that everything we think we know on a topic, and certainly our fellow human beings, complex as we are, can change with the discovery of a single new fact. And with that knowledge, surely the best and most evolved course of action we can take, is to suspend judgement, and simply continue to learn to understand each other and the world around us.

Most importantly the purpose of this site, and in fact this company (yes I want to be clear that Rue Arts is still a commercial company although our primary is motivation is not to make money, but to maintain the means to remain independent and not rely on government funding) is to focus on, and celebrate, the aspects of life that bring us together rather than divide us. There is more than enough of that on the rest of the internet. Our hope is to create a digital space, and perhaps one day a physical one, where you can come to find a moment of calm, enjoy a moment of beauty, and also simply to stay in touch with Ely and I as we personally make a gradual transition, and it will be gradual, away from social media into a space we can curate more freely.

Much love

D + E

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